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About Terry Lopez

Terry Lopez is the founder of God Boxes Inc., a Black Inclusion firm located in South Florida. She offers training to help professionals and organizations move away from traditional diversity inclusion training which often fails Black employees.

These training courses go beyond checking a box to affirm you met the requirements for how many Black associates you hire or simply having a “token Black friend”.

The objective of this training is to understand deep rooted issues, recognizing your own biases (unconscious or otherwise) and understanding social styles.

As a Black woman that has spent more than two decades working in Corporate America, ten of which were in Human Resources, I have firsthand experience being the only person of color in a department. I’ve also worked with c-suite level employees that do not want to hire too many Black people, while dealing with bias and seeing the pitfalls of well meaning organizations.

As a result, I have created these training courses to help bring objectivity and awareness while reducing bias.

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